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Baking and Cooking Converter

Convert between weight and volume for hundreds of ingredients!

Ever find yourself in the kitchen with a recipe that uses cups and tablespoons, but you only have a scale? Or vice versa? This app is for you!

We've compiled data on hundreds of ingredients so that you can instantly convert between weight and volume. No more guessing or searching for conversion charts!

  • Trusted conversions. We rely on data collected by government agencies for the highest accuracy. All of our conversions are meticulously tested.
  • Hundreds of ingredients. We challenge you to find something that's missing! We've included everything from all-purpose flour to zucchini.
  • Always-on display mode. Use hands-free with always-on display mode.

To make your kitchen life even easier, we've also included a unit converter (think Fahrenheit to Celsius, or teaspoons to millilitres).


Baking and Cooking Converter is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. To get started, tap on the respective link below.

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