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Quick Tally Counter

Quick Tally Counter icon App Store Google Play

Keep unlimited tallies at the tap of a button, and import and export your counts. More on Quick Tally Counter.


Translate+ icon App Store Play Store

Travel with confidence with offline translations into 59 languages. More on Translate+.

HEIC to JPG Converter

HEIC to JPG Converter icon App Store Play Store Amazon

Convert HEIC images (for example, photos taken by iPhone or iPad) to the more widely supported JPG format. More on HEIC to JPG Converter.

Hiking Trail Map

Hiking Trail Map icon App Store Play Store Amazon

Plan your next hike with globe-spanning offline hiking maps. More on Hiking Trail Map.

Kitchen Multi Timer

Kitchen Multi Timer icon App Store Play Store Amazon

Make cooking so much easier by running multiple timers at the same time. More on Kitchen Multi Timer.

Baking and Cooking Converter

Baking and Cooking Converter icon App Store Google Play

Convert your baking ingredients between volume and weight units. For example, convert from cups of flour to grams. More on Baking and Cooking Converter.

Customisable Periodic Table

Customisable Periodic Table icon App Store Google Play Amazon

Explore the periodic table with this fully free educational app! More on Customisable Periodic Table.

AI Photo Background Remover

AI Photo Background Remover icon App Store Google Play

Remove the background from your photos. More on AI Photo Background Remover.

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