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HEIC to JPG Converter

Quickly and painlessly convert your HEIC images to JPG format.

HEIC (High Efficiency Image Codec, also known as High Efficiency Image Format or HEIF) is a new image format first widely adopted Apple. It is used to compress images on devices running iOS and iPadOS. It's great for saving space, but many apps and devices can't handle it yet. This app will convert your HEIC images to JPG format, which is widely supported.

  • Use your photos anywhere. Make your HEIC images compatible with any device or app that supports JPG.
  • Bulk conversions. Convert any number of files at once for maximum efficiency.
  • Use offline. No internet connection required. Convert your images on the go.

Start using your .HEIC images anywhere, today, with HEIC to JPG Converter.


HEIC to JPG Converter is available for free on the App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore. To get started, tap on the respective link below.

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